Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Scary WIPs

First - Happy Halloween!!!

Now...WIPs in order from most recently worked back...

WIP Wednesday 10312007 005

Knittings everlasting bagstopper. I would link but I am lazy. Made from eco cotton spun (organic cotton and recycled soda bottles) in peach. I bought this yarn at SAFF and I really wanted to go ahead and start a project from the massive amounts of yarn I got there.

WIP Wednesday 10312007 010

Winter Gem from Cast On. I started these last Thursday and I am on #2. Ultra Alpaca from Berroco.

WIP Wednesday 10312007 015

I worked on the left sleeve of the EBCC - I got from the blue line down completed last Wednesday at knitting.

WIP Wednesday 10312007 017

Last week I forgot to post a pic of the Mystery Stole (which we all now know is Swan Lake - shut up). So here it is since there hasn't been a pic in awhile - 1/2 way through clue 5. Only 2 1/2 more clues to go.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I am WAY behind in posting FOs. So look for several over the next week or so!

Koolhaas back FO

I LOVE this hat! It is cute, but Tattoo Boyfriend could pull it off in a little more manly color!

Koolhaas butterfly FO

Butterfly says, "There is a face on the other side of this head!"

My head isn't lopsided - I swear. Neither is the hat...but it sure looks like it here!!!

Project Details:

Pattern: Koolhaas - Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 Issue

Yarn: Cascade 220 The Heathers - Amethyst Heather (yes, I used the left overs from my Duster and I still have some left)

Needles: US Size 6 Denise and US Size 8 Knitpicks Options Nickle plated (I did not use the dpns instead I magic looped the decrease portion).

Size: Womens (if I had to do it again I would shorten the ribbing just a bit to better bit my head)

Notes: This was an easy, fast knit once I relearned how to read. Seriously. I don't mean I didn't read the chart correctly - that was fine. Well, then there is the whole read the key. Yeah. I didn't do that apparently and got a couple rows in- realized I was stupid - and ripped back and started over. Twice.

Mods: Well, it really isn't a mod, but I didn't use a cable needle, I cabled without one which made it faster, I think. This is why I used the Options needles - they are pointy enough to make this easy!

Koolhaas FO

But it is a Zombie Face, "grrrr....argh!"

And here we have our zombie fairie picture.

Monday, October 29, 2007

And then there was spinning...

Well, there are a lot of pics from SAFF and I will do a lot of posting about it later...but first, we have our first installment of SAFF handspun.

Handspun Monday 10292007

This is just about 2 oz of border leister purchased from Windy Acres. I love the color and it will eventually be for something for Tattoo Boyfriend.

I will remember to take pics of the other half of the fiber so you can see it before and after. woohoo.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Boyfriend Socks: Lucky Bamboo

Tattoo Boyfriend doesn't like lacey socks and I find it difficult to find manly enough patterns for him. Granted, I haven't been looking all that hard, but that isn't the point. These are part of his Christmas prezzies so shhhhh....he doesn't read this blog. Eh, he knows he is getting socks anyway.

Lucky Bamboo FO

These were a REALLY fast knit and I had a lot of time to knit them, so that was helpful.

Yarn: Brownsheep Wildfoote - 2 skeins
Needles: Addi Turbos Size 1
Pattern: My own

I will make this pattern available in the near future. As soon as I manage to move the blog and all that so that I have hosting abilities and stuff. And figure out how to do all that. Woo hoo.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Whimpy Wednesday

I don't have much today.

WIP Wed Dreamswatch 2

Dreamswatch 2 is almost done. I should finish it tonight so I can block it and wear it to SAFF this weekend.

WIP Wed Winter Gems

I cast on for Winter Gems from Cast On. I will be frogging this. Why? Well, I am a little further in and like a good knitter I know there will be issues. 1 - I can't get gauge, so I went down a size, which works for stitch count, but not for row. 2 - this is an aran weight yarn and I am knitting it on size 3 needles. Oh - and it is splitty as all get out. So, a frogging we will go!!!

ETA: ummmm...I just realized something...I forgot about the Mystery Stole. I didn't take a picture of it and at this point I will just wait until next week. But I am now half way through clue 5. I worked on it over the weekend - GO ME! And I am down to only 3 active WIPs. Fifi is officially grounded until spring when I will finish and wear her. And I have 5, yes 5 FOs sitting in various forms of blocking and waiting to be photographed and posted. I was a VERY busy knitter last week.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fun in the Sun...

Sunshine State that is (I mean come on, you all know I don't go in the sun! The lupus and the fair skin - hell no - we are against looking like a leather suitcase later in life AND lupus lesions AND skin cancer!!! Pu on your sunscreen.) Oh, sorry about that...I guess I should get to the real content of this post...

I spent last week in Orlando for a training that work sent me to. It was fun!

The dogs

Piper and Bingo were sad when I left to head to the hotel!

First, I went to a Yarn Shop. This was the best of what that shop had. Seriously. It was a joke. Now, if you are into cross stitch and needlepoint, I think that shop was probably great, but it had the most pathetic knitting selection ever.
Universal Yarns Sad Koigu
Linen Tweed in Pink! The Saddest Koigu selection EVER! 3 skeins. Only 2 matched. And the one Namaste bag...
I won't tell you the name of that shop. It wasn't worth going to. I begged Alyson to tell me somewhere else to go. We will get to that later! After hitting the saddest yarn shop EVER I went to the Ren Resort Orlando over by Sea World!

My RoomThey knew...ViewThe Atrium Waterfall
My room was fantastic! It had a sitting area with comfy chairs (perfect for knitting!) and a GREAT view of the Atrium! There was a great waterfall in the Atrium! Nice hotel!
Wednesday was a big day - with almost no pictures. I had Thai with Matt and then headed for Mexican with Alyson! The Mexican place had half price margaritas until 7 - so we had a REALLY expensive one and then a cheaper one after. And it was right next to M&M World where I took the only picture of the day...

fairy chocolate

Its a fairy m&m pink hat...perfection!

Thursday my training ended and I checked out of the hotel. My good friends Andy and Mel were in town from Alabama so we met over at the Hard Rock for dinner and then went on to Halloween Horror Nights to meet up with Matt. We saw Matt for about 3 seconds. We mostly rode rides and did some walking around. We didn't make it into a single haunt. The lines were insane, but we had a BLAST!!!

MelAndy at Hard Rock

MelAndy at dinner

Rock n Roll Spindle??

I think I knit too much...I originally read this as 'Rock n Roll SPINDLE'

Uh oh, they are after me!!Mel's...

They were after me! And should have been after Mel!!!!

I headed back to Mom's for the rest of the weekend. Friday I took her over to Sip & Knit! Now, this is a GREAT yarn shop. Open, nice, lots of selection!
Sip & KnitSip & Knit
I talked to the person working for awhile (I think she was the owner, though I am not sure) and some locals who came through. I made mom touch a lot of yarn.
And finally, because I can't post the dogs and not the is Allie. She is a tortie who is def full of 'tude. She is sweet...when she wants to be. It was just like being at home with Eva. There is another cat (Nadia), an african grey parrot and a bearded dragon, but I didn't get pics of the rest of the zoo.


Just because you are home, doesn't mean I will give up lunch to snuggle you!!
That just about wraps it up. We had a blast. I ADORE Alyson and I can't wait to see her this weekend at SAFF!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

SAFF Charity Project

SAFF is coming up (YAY!!!) and there will be a lot of bloggers there this year. I would really like to see if we can get a charity project together. So - he we go. Bring in your 7x9 Warm Up America Squares and I will collect them and get them seamed up and donate them. If enough get there for me to seam them while we are there (and I have time) and there is a local place to donate, then I will donate whatever is finished to the Asheville area (so if you are in Asheville, please let me know if there is a place- kthks).

If you have any questions or if you are not going to SAFF but you want to participate, let me know and I will get you the address to send squares.

Oh - and I am still waiting on a few responses to prize emails - I will announce those as soon as I have all the responses. Hoping that will be tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So much to see...

It has been a busy week of working on projects...

Boyfriend socks are almost done...

WIP Boyfriend Bamboo Socks

EBCC body is finished. Just a couple sleeves and a couple button bands to go...


oh...and I got some work done on the Candle flame. See that pink line? I did all that stuff above it.

WIP Candleflame

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dustin' it up!

Tilted Duster

The Tilted Duster is finished. Cristi took the Tilted pictures for me on Saturday afternoon.

Tilted Duster back

Because of the ribbing, this really is flattering - though you can't tell here...

Tilted Duster OutsideTilted Duster Inside

Buttons...butterfly buttons pick up the blue in the heather and there is a perfect purple line in the butterfly as well. Plain black on the inside for a little more support (and they only had 2 of the butterfly buttons anyway.)

Pattern: Tilted Duster by Norah Gaughn - Interweave Knits Fall 2007
Size: 40"
Yarn: Cascade 220 The Heathers - Amethyst Heather - 6 balls
Needles: Size 9 Denise
Modifications: I knit the sleeves in the round - dropped the 2 seam stitches to do this. I also added a hook and eye at the bottom of the top and above where the skirt starts. When we took these we realized that I needed to move it a little further in since it gaps a bit the way it is. I added this for 2 reasons. 1- so that I can leave the collar open if I want. 2 - because it helps it lay a little better I think.

Thoughts: I really like this. It was a fast knit, its cute and it fits well!

Tilted Duster Zombie

I am zombie Aimee...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Handspun Monday Returns!

On Saturday I took my wheel to the Charlotte Folk Society Anniversary shindig. While there I did spin some singles, but I also plied something that I spun back in July during the Tour de Fleece.

Love Bones 3 plied

I haven't pulled it off the bobbin yet to measure it and calc the WPI, but it is probably worsted weight-ish. You can really see the difference in the first to second bobbin as I worked daily on my spinning. I told Cristi someday when I want coils I will never remember how I did them.

Love Bones 3 left overs

Even more exciting is that THAT IS ALL I HAD LEFT after plying the 2 bobbins. I split the fiber in half and did the best I could with it, but the first few things I had a lot left on one bobbin. There is barely anything there this time. WOOHOO!!!!

Tomorrow...a FO! oooo...I wonder what it will be!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Episode 14 - We're Fiberlicious

Episode 14 is now available via the sidebar link and will be on itunes...well, you know, they have to post it. Show notes will be here (as in I will update this here post) soon (probably Monday night, but I make no promises), but it is late, I drove all day, and now I am going to sleep.

OK - so it took me a week and some to get these up. sorry. I was busy :)

Boyfriend socks: Lucky Bamboo

Baby Surprise Jacket
Passing the Dresscode Capelet
Phone Cozy for my mom
Tilted Duster

Debbie Bliss Supermerino Chunky
Wendy's Velvet Touch

Cool Stuff
Kumihimo Disk
Interweave Knits Holiday 2007 issue

Walk with us to Cure Lupus!
Raised $4577.40!!! Thank you all so much.
Interview with Karen Bachrach, National Walk manager
Prizes will be announced - just waiting to hear back from everyone.

more prizes from:
Zen Yarn Garden
Stitchin Mary Stitch Markers
Macek Designs

Stuff going on
Charlotte Folk Society anniversary Event
Charity Convergence at Rainy Day Creations

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Charlotte-Metro Fiber Day

Today should have been called the Charlotte-Metro Fiber Day. I swear there was more going on today in the area then there has been going on in the last year COMBINED. And you know I attend everything I can. Cristi and I were only able to make 2 of the 4 events here in the area. What I didn't make was what sounded like a KICK ASS time at the Barnful of Quilts exhibit in Waxhaw. Or the etsy steet team event. But you don't want to hear about what I couldn't make, since well, I have nothing to say about it, I am just sad that I couldn't do it all.

What we did make it to was the Charlotte Folk Society 25th anniversay event at the Levine Museum of the New South where Tvini joined us for a few hours.

There was sqaure dancing.


and spinning.


Tvini spinning. Cristi ummmm...cussing I think.

and knitting.


We LOVE to knit and show our knitwear!

and a lot more that we didn't take pics of like live music and vendors and all sorts of neat stuff. Shut up, we didn't take pics cause we were in a hurry to get to the next event.

Then we hit Taco Bell for an exciting lunch of a crunchy taco (and some nachos) for me and a soft taco (and crunchwrap supreme) for Cristi. I had been craving crunchy for a couple days (no, I am in no way possibly preggers, so don't go getting all in a twitter over me craving crunchy - turns out I am just fat and crave food. get over it) and what better way to get crunchy then with Taco Bell? (And I swear there were people out to keep my from my crunchy taco!!! "honey, did she just yell 'crunchy taco' at us?" - "I think she did. I wonder what that means!")

After lunch, we rushed over to The Hut in Pineville where The Yarn Shop at Rainy Day Creations was having a Charity Convergence Event.

There were charities.

DSCF2622 DSCF2620
Project Linus and the Levine Childrens Hospital were there among many others.

There were prizes.


I didn't win the REALLY GORGEOUS Latern Moon bag. *grumps*
I bought a Kumihimo Disk. And then got attacked by a spider. I should have taken a pic of that damn spider, but I was afeared of it. I think it was the size of my ass (which is about the size of Texas - I have seen pics - why did you people let me get so fat???) and it was living in the yarn. And it ran at me. And I screamed like a little girl. Sue me, it was HUGE! Others came over and didn't see it at first as it had retreated into the yarn. Then they saw. Cristi said it was huge too. Though she didn't compare it to the size of my ass. Cristi bought another Lantern Moon Bag - and she was glad it wasn't in pink or I would have had to have it. The inside colors just aren't me. But I love it. Too bad it only comes in that shade combo...

So now I am at home. Procrastinting about 3 million things. Like a podcast. And laundry. And packing for my trip next week.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

WIP Wednesday ... projects gone awry

First, we will start with the Tilted Duster. See that needle there? That is the unfinished collar. I have like an inch and a half to go. I have already put in one of the button holes. But then I ran out of yarn. No, I am not kidding. More is on the way...Zonda rules. I emailed her pretty late on Monday night and she mailed the yarn out yesterday. Same state - so as long as the post office doesn't hate me today, I should have the collar done tonight. Until then, it is in time out.

Tilted Duster WIP

Yes, I COULD sew in the sleeves, but I am not going to. I am working on some new boyfriend socks instead.

Boyfriend Bamboo Sock WIP

But wait, those look great! You thought I said projects gone awry. Well, look down there.

Failed BB Sock

See that? I actually have 2 socks started. The first I started on a size 2. I wasn't pleased, so I dropped to a size 1 and viola! Happiness. The beauty of the toe up sock is that it is both project AND swatch all in one!


Well, it makes an excellent bed, Mom!
Rozz seems to like the duster anyway. And yes, that is what the end of my couch looks like - a pile of fiber related stuff. Actually both ends are like that and I have space in the middle for me. I like it this way.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Attention: I have won!

Well, Olivia is no longer blogless. I know you are wondering how this FINALLY came to be. This is how:

O: Hi.
A: Hi. I have checked and Oliviaknits is available on blogger.
O: Oh. OK. (we were on the phone, but I HEARD her eyes roll)
A: Fine. I am going to set up a blog for you on it. And post nasty things about you.
O: haha.
A: Seriously.
O: hahaha
A: I am going to say you like it up the butt...
O: ...
A: While crocheting with fun fur!
A: Oh, I will! You have been warned.

Flash forward to this weekend!!

O: I have a blog.
A: I saw!
O: You know what did it?
A: Yes, but tell me.
O: The crocheting with fun fur. It wasn't even the taking it up the butt.
A: *giggle*

Go say hi. And taunt her.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I totally called that

I knew it. I need just a LEEEEEEEETLE bit more of this yarn to finish the duster. If I had done the collar first, I would be fine as my skirt is a little longer than called for even though I did the number of required repeats. I could have done 2 fewer and been happy with it.

Luckily I have a line on more yarn. I guess this means it will be on WIP Wednesday AND I will have to work on something else in the meantime (oh the HORROR!!!) although I have been VERY good with working on just one thing at a time.

*surveys WIPs for what to work on now*

The Walk!

First, I would like to say a giant thank you to all the donors! Both monetary and prize donors! Without you I wouldn't have raised ANY funds! This year we raised $4527.40!!! True, I didn't hit that $5ooo goal. And true there are a couple of outstanding checks making their way to the ALR that I didn't get the information on, but it is what it is.

I convinced Cristi that it would be loads of fun to walk with me. Yes, I am very clever for this since there was no yarn shopping involved.

I can knit a sleeve!

I like to knit in hotels! I knit a sleeve!

So we headed up Friday night and stayed at the Holiday Inn (if you are looking for a nice place to stay with free internets - HI is the place for you!!!)

We were welcomed with a nice sign AND a balloon arch!!! We got checked in and I showed my true morning colors.
I am not a morning person.

Harrassing Volunteers

We met some really nice volunteers who gave us snacks and water!

Need Coffee

Water? I drink COFFEE!

Everybody Dance Dance
There were some opening remarks and some dancers. Yes, dancers. Cristi took video and it will be on YouTube! (Ummm...WTF happened to this picture on my digi camera??????? )

Then we went through the arch and walked. I am generally against exercise, though I need to get out and do more. We had a nice walk. Not too slow, not too fast. We learned about the 3 year plan of some ladies to get out of debt. And the hopes and dreams for 10 year old girls. We are having a bit of a drought here in the Carolinas. Lake Lynn, where the walk was held, definitely shows signs of it. That down there, well, it used to be half a lake.

Drought happens

The walk went really well. I got a GREAT interview with the National Walk Coordinator that will be on the podcast this week!!!

We had a great time. After the walk we went and had lunch (super healthy lunch of McDonalds) and came upon this pumpkin patch. I want a pumpkin, but I won't be home enough to enjoy it!

So it was a good day and we had a great time!

Now, what you really care about...the drawing. OK - I have the prizes listed (there are a few things that haven't made it here yet, so I didn't draw for those, I will as they arrive - I don't want to draw and then them never make it and get people all excited about getting stuff!). I will be sending emails out to all to get addresses, etc. and then I will make one big post to announce all the winners and what they won! I will be in Orlando next week and have about 400 knitting and other things to do before I leave, so be patient, it is all coming. I promise.