Thursday, July 06, 2006

Knit update

Well, my very first sock is knit. Yes, there will be pictures at some point. I have since started and ripped the sock mate 2 or 3 times. So no more knitting tonight. Or at least on that project.

I am trying not to start any more projects until I finish some, but I know that isn't really going to happen. I am already itching to start one of the new patterns on Knitty and a pair of socks for me. And I already have a couple projects on the needles that I need to finish.

I did finish the Tess Camisole by Louet designs. Again, there will be pictures. Some day. I promise. There are a lot of really cool things I want to knit. Every day I see more things.

Oh - if you don't know - Knitty Gritty is back on DIY with new epis. I hear they will alternating with previously aired epis. If you are new to knitting or want a few new techniques or cool projects, it is a great show. Check it out.

Thought of the day: My hair and the cat hair is knit lovingly into your gift. It adds an extra special touch of love to everything I do :) or at least that is going to be my story.

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