Monday, December 31, 2007

Quack! Quack!

Handspun Monday 12312007 006
This is some sample roving sent to be by A Knitting Duck. Handspun Monday 12312007 004
It came out a little over 62 yards for the .88 oz sample of 2 ply. its dkish weight? I am being lazy and I am not going to get my wpi tool and the yarn. sorry.
Handspun Monday 12312007 001
It spun very nicely and I really love the colors.
Handspun Monday 12312007 003
Domestic Wool (color SD0026 - I think - its the closest thing to a colorway on the tag!)

Friday, December 28, 2007

By the skin of my teeth...

I have been lazy so this is late. sorry.

Wagtail Yarns

This is the last of the birthday yarn gifted to me by the amazing Remi of Charlotte Yarns.

Wagtail Yarns

Wagtail Yarns Superfine Kid Mohair 4 ply in Sage

Wagtail Yarns

Normally I don't go for greens - I like green but I get distracted by the pink. but oh my!

Wagtail Yarns

There are 400 some odd yards here (sorry the yarn is waaaaay over there!) but I think this is destined to be Ice Queen!

Wagtail Yarns

Its so soft and yummy that I made Cristi touch it even though she has a little mohair allergy. Yeah, I am mean but it was soooo worth it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

closer and closer

Soon I will have 2 new cardigans to wear!

WIP Wed 12162007 Butterfly

Butterfly has 2 fronts!

WIP Wed 12162007 EBCC

Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan almost has 2 sleeves!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is almost over on the Eastern coast of the US. Hope you all had a nice one. I spent the day napping and watching bad tv. WOOHOO! Oh - and talking to my family.

My gift to myself (ok - there were a few) but my knitted gift to me was Sursa!


Pattern Details: Sursa by Cornelia Tuttle for Noro.
Yarns: Fleece Artist Scotian Silk (1 skein) and Malabrigo worsted in Applewood held double (1.5 skeins - I could have shortened the ruffle and only used one, but instead i added a couple rows when I broke into the second skein)
Neeldes: Denise Size 15
Mods: None
Notes: This was a fast and easy knit.

Sursa back

Its nice and warm and while these are typical colors for me, I love this shawl!


Could I look LESS happy??

Oh - and I jammed a metal rod into my tongue this week - so podcast will be happening LATER - like next weekend. cause I sound all tongue-swollen-y.

Monday, December 24, 2007


Handspun Monday 12242007 002

Bobbin 2 ... soon there will be plying...

Friday, December 21, 2007

Lifes a beach

Seacoast Panda Calypso

Seacoast Handpainted Yarn Panda

Seacoast Panda Calypso

60% merino, 30% bamboo, 10% nylon

Seacoast Panda Calypso

400 glorious yards

Seacoast Panda Calypso

Calypso colorway

Seacoast Panda Calypso

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Progress? eh.

So with Christmas knitting I have not gotten as much done on my other projects.

WIP Wed 12192007 003

But I have gotten a little further on Butterfly!

Oh - and then there is this...

WIP Wed 12192007 004

I CO for Sursa by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. Fleece Artist Scotian Silk and Malabrigo mmmmmmm....

Ummm...forget us?

Hey, mom? Can you stop knitting and come love us now?

Monday, December 17, 2007

A fair trade

I don't have much in the handspun department today. I spun a little, but then I realized CRAP CHRISTMAS KNITTING!

Handspun Monday 12172007 002

So I stopped spinning and focused on finishing my mom's socks.

Not so Plain socks FO 007

Mom wanted ankle socks. Plain Ankle Socks. See how that worked?

Not so Plain socks FO 008

This yarn didn't want to be plain socks. So they are No So Plain Ankle Socks.

Started: ummm...I CO the toe a few weeks ago, but really didn't work on them until last Sunday

Finished: Sunday, December 16

Needles: Size 2 - magic loop

Yarn: Rio de la Plata

I will publish the pattern soon (Yeah, I know I keep saying that about my patterns, but I swear it is coming...)

Not so Plain socks FO 002

Hmmm...I just realized there isn't a good pic of the toe... but here is another shot of the pretty cables. Which I am insanely proud of since I did them without a cable needle! The varigation of yarn doesn't always lend itself to cables, but this tonal yarn - even with the very different greens - looks fantastic!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Poison it is!

When you want to kill quietly, you use Poison.

YPF 12142007 002

Apparently when you want to kill a knitter with lovely yarn, you do the same.

YPF 12142007 005

Although I am pretty sure there was NOTHING quiet about me when I pulled this out of a my order from The Loopy Ewe.

YPF 12142007 006

Wollmeise in colorway Poison Nr. 5!

YPF 12142007 009

574 yards (holy mother of yarn that's a LOT) of superwash wool!

YPF 12142007 013

Look at how she has overdyed the black and purple together!

YPF 12142007 001

As you can tell, my kitties have loved up on this yarn a bit!

Eva sleeps

Who me? Mommy said not to love the yarn!


No one is buying that crap, Eva. We know it was you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The end is near!

Well, the end of time for Christmas knitting anyway!

Mom's Not so plain ankle sock WIP

Luckily, I am almost finished with sock #1 for mom.


And I even managed some work on the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan.
Butterfly WIP
No work on the Butterfly this week, but since it missed a pic last week, here you go!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Sweet baby niece needs Christmas. And while I am bah humbugging my way through the season, she is only 2 and needs prezzies! So....


I knit her the Make Believe Crown from Interweave Knits. Its available for free from Knitting Daily now.

Crown 2

This is a super quick and easy knit. But it wasn't what I started on. Nope.


These are Twinkle Toes from Knitty. Little tiny ballet slippers complete with knitted ties!

Slippers 2

The pattern is written in sizes from Toddler to adult, so you can knit your own ballet slippers if you would like. These took no time at all!

Patterns: Make Believe Crown from Interweave Knits and Twinkle Toes from Knitty.
Yarn: Patons Katrina in Blossom. Less than 1 ball. (Thank you to Jane Prater for gifting this yarn to me awhile back!)
Needles: Twinkle Toes: Knit Picks Options in size 5. Crown: Knit Picks Options 5s and Clover DPNs also in 5s.
Sizes made: Toddler and 15"
Started: December 8
Finished: December 9
Thanks to my special model. A doll made by my great-grandmother on my mom's side!

Crown and Slippers

I think my niece will be adorable in these!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Half way there!

As promised, I broke into the birthday roving this past week.

Handspun Monday 12102007 003

This is 2 oz. of the 4 that Cristi gave me!

Handspun Monday 12102007 007

I am really itching to start on the next bobbin (yes, I split my roving by weight in half before I start - it seems to me that when I do that I come much closer to having even amounts on the bobbins then when I didn't. Its just something I do.)

Handspun Monday 12102007 011

Also, on my wheel is a beautiful basket which I purchased from Spinner's Ridge at SAFF. I adore the basket - usually I keep my WIP tool, a pencil and some other things in there, though at the moment they all see to have escaped! I love that it has a pink ribbon on it and that it matches, well, everything!!!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Afternoon Delight

At SAFF I really wanted to buy some sock yarn from Miss Babbs. But I have SO MUCH SOCK YARN! So instead of buying some for me, I bought some to make socks for Tattoo Boyfriend.

YPF 12072007 001

100% Superwash merino in the Forest Afternoon Colorway.

YPF 12072007 003

400 yards, so plenty!

YPF 12072007 007

Beautiful deep blue and greens!

YPF 12072007 015