Sunday, June 25, 2006

You know it's love...

Not all guys want to get knit creations from their women. I am lucky, however, and mine thinks it is cool that I start with a ball of nothing and end up with something cool. That or he lies well. So, I knit him things. So fat I have knit him a Harry Potter Scarf in Slytherin colors, 2 hats, a TROGDOR!, a knithulhu, a sweater (that still needs to be seamed) and now I am working on a pair of socks for him. When I tell him that I have started a new knit project for him, he laughs and says cool. Thinking of the 3 million projects I have on the needles in desperate need of finishing. He is probably also thinking he will never wear whatever hideous creation is about to come his way, but he loves me, so he says they are great and he loves them.

True love is thinking your girlfriend is cute, not nuts, when she knits you things. Also, he hears me say things like, "I went to the yarn store today. Being around that much yarn makes me calm." and laughs. Cause he knows I am a total yarn perv and something about that much fiber just makes my soul fill with a calm happiness that I can't even begin to describe.

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