Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new home

I have a new home! I am excited to announce that I have moved the blog to That's right, I have my own site. I will be rewriting the feed from this blog to the other over the next few days (as soon as I 1. have time and 2. figure it out) but you are welcome to just come over and subscribe that way. I will be posting my first post over there starting with today's WIP Wednesday post.

I have moved all of the blog posts from here over to the new site, so everything is in one place.

We aren't quite finished with the site yet, but Dani is wonderful and working on it with me! YAYAYAY! This has been a long time coming.


Monday, February 18, 2008


Well, I am in VA. The cord to my camera is at home.

And I don't have anything really anyway other than cute alpaca pics.

And tomorrow there will not be any masters swatches because I am sitting in the hotel and I am exhausted. I am thinking that I will eat dinner and pass out. I left home at 7, drove up, worked through lunch, left at 5:30, came to the hotel, checked in, changed, went to the hotel gym and worked out, came back and did some stuff online, ordered dinner and showered. now...well, I think there will be no knitting at all tonight. sad, but true.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jack's a good boy!

Jack, a great Pyr, needs help! He needs to have surgery because sadly he was neglected a bit by a previous owner. In return for your donation toward his $8000 in surgery costs, there are fabulous prizes from The Merlin Tree.

As of 2/12 - they have raised $1500 - which is a great relief to his owners, but we can help! For every $10 you donate you are entered into a prize drawing - and if you help spread the word, more prizes will be thrown in the pot (read about it on the blog for full details). I don't have a lot of extra money at the moment (though I will have a little more soon - yippee - I got a raise!!!) but I sent them a little something and I hope that if you have a couple extra dollars you will think about it too! There is a prize drawing TOMORROW and one of the prizes is The Hitchhiker (I don't need another wheel but I WANT one of these!)! WEEEEE!!!!

Head over and read about Jack and maybe take a moment to help him out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A great pattern for a good cause!

One of the bloggers I follow, Skyline Chilly, has designed an awesome sock pattern to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (go to her blog entry to see the pics since I don't wanna steal hers!).

For a $5 donation, you get this pattern and the knowledge that you are helping to fund research and education for this disease. You all know how important research and education are to me personally to find a cure for lupus and if I can help others, I am right there!

If you would like to help spread the word, you can! Check out how on Skyline Chilly's blog - and she has a contest going for helping spread the word! Do a good thing and win prizes - what could be better??? Oh, yeah, more knitting time!!!

hmmm...I wonder if I can CO just one more project this week...

Miles to go...

OK - not really - I have actually finished a few things this week, so you will be seeing them soon. Of course if the rest of February is like January it could be June, but I am trying.

Butterfly has a collar. All it needs are seams.
WIP Wed 02132008 001
I have some more work done on the armwarmers I am designing.
WIP Wed 02132008 002
I started a pair of felted clogs for a KAL. Here we have clog one knit, but the second sole isn't joined yet.

WIP Wed 02132008 003

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cables and colors

Masters 02112008

Three more...I have no idea how many that makes. 12 I think. So that leaves 4 to go and a hat!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hats for Alex

Handspun Monday is being interrupted to bring you this Public Service announcement.

Hats for Alex needs you! Yes, you! Got an hour or two to knock out a little knit or crochet project? Well, knit a hat for a little one! Alex was a sweet boy who should still be with us, but sadly, isn't. The kind people at the Omaha Children's Hospital did all they could for little Alex. In thanks, Pam has been heading up Hats for Alex.

Hats for Alex January 002

This year, the Fairieknits podcast (shut up a podcast IS coming) is proud to support Hats for Alex as the official charity. Pam is having contests and all sorts of fun stuff this year.

Hats must be machine washable and for any any child size head. Not just babies.

Hats for Alex January 004

The Charlotte knitters are already in on this - here are hats from Cristi, Corey and me. And May and Dani have sent hats as well already! (So 18 from Charlotte so far that I know of!!)

Even Calvin is in on the fun!

Hats for Alex January 006


My goal for this year is to knit 2 hats per month and get them off to hats for Alex. If you are wondering - I am knitting 3 of the same hats each month and they will be in Ravelry if you want to see which ones I am knitting up. This month I knit the Baby Squash Hat from 101 Designer One Skein Wonders (or whatever it is...I am far too lazy to look at the moment).
Also - if you want to knit for your community specifically, contact Pam - Hats for Alex can go to any hospital and count toward the goal if you contact her and set something up for your community.

this is such a small kindness that means so much to families who have their little ones in the hospital and I encourage you to join in. For those of you going to SAFF, I would like to propose that we do this for this year and donate the hats to an area hospital.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Not your basic black!

When J.P. was in town over the weekend, he brought a little something to me. And it is too pretty not to share!

YPF 020708 007

Cristi, J.P. and I put in an order with BMFA and had it delivered to him with the promise that he would hand deliver it.

YPF 020708 006

And wow is all I can say. I got the silk thread in the Ravens colorway Tlingit which has hot pinks and chartruese with blacks over it and the greens and pinks just POP under!

YPF 020708 005

In some lights it looks black...

YPF 020708 004

then the tiniest movement and you get the pinks and purples and greens!

YPF 020708 003

I have wanted to knit the Icarus shawl for awhile and I think that this may be the yarn for it, though I am open to suggestions.

YPF 020708 002

Because this yarn is too pretty to sit in my stash for long.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where's the knitting??

There isn't any! Well, there is a very tiny bit and a couple FOs (I guess I could post one of those today) but following my lovely incident and the welcoming of Stitchy, I haven't done any knitting. Seriously. None. Not a bit. I have been typing for work, but I have been resting my poor stitched up finger. That ends tonight though (I hope!).

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Say hello to my little friend

I reserve Monday nights for Masters knitting. It keeps me focused on the project to block a few hours a week for it. Last night was no different.

Masters 02052008

But why is there only one swatch? Well, as I was finishing up this one, my phone rang and I figured it was a good time to get a glass of wine. So I opened the drawer where the cork screw lives and had a little accident. See that?

The offender

Let's look a little closer.

Evil Peeler of doom!

Don't let the innocent look fool you! That is The Potato Peeler of DOOM! Apparently Ninja Swordmakers honed the blade of this peeler with amazing precision and skill. I barely touched the damn thing! Of course this happened 5 minutes AFTER the Urgent Care by the house closed. While most people would slap a bandaid on it and hope for the best, I have an allergy to the adhesive they use, so I slapped one on anyway and off to the ER I went. Lisa was kind enough to meet me there and keep me company while I waited. Many hours, one stitch and a tetanus shot later...

Stitchy 008

and now Bloody Finger has a friend. Stitchy says, "hello!" I can still knit. But I did get the stitch without numbing because the digital block it painful in and of itself (I had one once, it really is). It hurt like hell (and remember I just got a tongue piercing) but I pushed through it.

Stitchy 009

While at the hospital we witnessed a human behavior at its lowest. A patient who didn't want to wait her turn was bullying and threatening the staff at the desk. She eventually left and went to another hospital. I was wondering if I should find security at one point as she yelled about how much pain she was in and she was going to put them in that pain and see if they got help. It was out of line. There were a lot of people there. None who were bleeding (other than me and the pressure bandage and bandaid stopped that pretty well) or actively dying (including her) so we all had to wait our turn ( did I mention I saw her come in, so it was after I got there). People are mean and stupid. Those ladies were nice and offered to help me fill stuff out since I am right handed and my right middle finger is jacked up). I wanted to kick her in the knee just because.

Monday, February 04, 2008

New class!

I have no handspun for you. It was a busy weekend and I had no spinning time. What I have instead is a bit of an announcement.

FO Dishcloth 003

The first Saturday in March (whatever day that is) from 9-11 I will be teaching a class on Double Knitting at Charlotte Yarn! We will be learning two different ways to start your project, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing and casting off. There will be a swatch and a project!

FO Dishcloth 004

This is a quick knit project. I CO and finished it while hanging out on Sunday.

FO Dishcloth 005

Pattern: Learn to Double Knit Washcloth by me
Yarn: Misson Falls 1894 Cotton - 2 colors about a half ball each
Needles: Size 7

(uh, I have some other FOs to seems like I haven't been knitting or something based on the number of finished items I have posted this year - NONE until now!)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Plus One Addition

Yes, it is Saturday - shut up. We had stuff to do with JP arriving and my camera battery needing a charge.

But it worked out as the plus one addition because this skein of yarn is really 2!

Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop in the Skinny!

YPF 02012008 005

450 Yards of yummy superwash merino goodness!!! There is a mini skein to make a solid heel and toe!

YPF 02012008 003

This is Steel Heart purchased at The Loopy Ewe!

YPF 02012008 002

This is just a beautiful and super smooshy yarn! I don't know why I haven't cast it on yet!

YPF 02012008 001

Now, excuse me please I have yarn to drool over.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


let's see...

WIP Wed 01302008 013

Butterfly has 2 sleeves and a picked up collar. (tonight at knitting after these pics were taken I knit a couple inches, realized there was an error and ripped it back so it looks just like this again.

WIP Wed 01302008 012

Pagoda has 3 more repeats.

WIP Wed 01302008 014

I started a double knit hat.

WIP Wed 01302008 011

WIP Wed 01302008 010

I started and frogged a double knit sample.

WIP Wed 01302008 021

I frogged Tiger Eye.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's all about the eyes!

Eyelets that is!
Masters 112908

This week I did the 3 Increase pattern swatches. 2 of them are identical in what they create, but they use different mirrored decreases to get there, so it is fun to see them come together and compare the two - which is the point.

8 of 16 swatches knit!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Handspinning goodies

Awhile back I donated to Spin Out. I did it because it is a good thing to do - as a bonus I won one of the prizes! They got here this weekend!

Handspun Monday 01282008 017

Thank you to SpinOff and Soak for sponsoring the event AND for providing prizes!

Handspun Monday 01282008 011

First there is BABY ALPACA!!! yummy! 4 oz from Chameleon Colorworks.

Handspun Monday 01282008 018

Funky Carolina Falkland - 4 oz - and colorway Eep Ork! I have been coveting her fiber for awhile and this is my first. I want to spin it RIGHT NOW!! (Forgive my laziness of not taking this out of the package - busy busy day!)

Handspun Monday 01282008 009

Beth provided this beautiful superwash merino in crap I forgot what the colorway name is and I am again too lazy to go over there!

Handspun Monday 01282008 016

As you can see I already started spinning that pink goodness on my new Don't Drop Spindle. This thing is LIGHT! I am so glad I got that Bosworth last week so that I had some idea that I could in fact can see my progress as I got used to it.

This prize is FANTASTIC and what I would like the Lupus Walk prizes to someday be - bigger, better and more FANTASTIC (if you are wondering, I have almost all of them sent out - I spent something like $25 on shipping last week and need to wait until the next pay check to do the rest - hopefully I can get the rest out in the next go!)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Shaken with Three Olives!

YPF 1252008

Yarn Pirate Kalamata (you know like the olives...shut up, I know they aren't the ones you put in martinis, that isn't the point, I needed a title! LOOK MORE YARN!)

YPF 1252008

Brown, green and this gorgeous purple!

YPF 1252008
I think I had a moment with this yarn and browns aren't really my thing, but this green and purple and oh MY WORD!

YPF 1252008
Superwash merino...yummy!

YPF 1252008


YPF 1252008

Once again the Booty club delivers! (sign ups open again in Mid-March if you are interested - and NO, I don't plan to give up my spot!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pink Pr0n!

Over on Ravelry I mod a group for Pink Lovers! Think Pink! had a little swap and I got my package today!

Pink Pr0n 001
Look at this box of goodies!!!!
Pink Pr0n 003Pink Pr0n 005Pink Pr0n 004
A cute pink pad! LOOK there are knitting needles on that card!!! Fairy Food! And CHOCOLATE - the other fairie food!!!!
Pink Pr0n 007Pink Pr0n 011Pink Pr0n 006
A yummy french milled soap! A stress relief aromatherpy set (oh yeah, I need stress relief big time!) and a beautiful butterfly pin!!
Pink Pr0n 008
Peppermint Cane Tea (my fav!!!!) in a pink tin!!!
Pink Pr0n 009Pink Pr0n 010Pink Pr0n 014
The wrappings were beautiful too!!! fabrics and tissue paper and wrapping papers!
Pink Pr0n 017Pink Pr0n 016
Then, there was the super fun reveal! A cute card! and an egg with a message inside! A beautiful pink REAL EGG!
crushed egg!Greatest Pal!
Which I smashed!! Thank you so much bittersweetkt!!! You are the best pal ever!
Oh, wait...I didn't show you the YARN!! silly me!!!

Pink Pr0n 022

Misty Alpaca chunky!!!!

Pink Pr0n 023

I almost bought a skein of this yarn last weekend! This exact color! I am in love!!!

Pink Pr0n 024

2 skeins of Nature's Palatte in Coral. Oh wow, this is nice and pretty and I am in love!! And this will make GREAT socks!

Pink Pr0n 025

And a little something to remind me of her home - Colorado! Red Rocks Fiber Farm!

Pink Pr0n 027

She has fingerless mits in mind for this yarn!

Pink Pr0n 028

It is so yummy and the colors are so perfect!

Pink Pr0n 030

I don't think that this package could have been better! This is the most perfect thing EVER! I mean I love it! Beautiful. I should mention the cute birthday card I got, which I suddenly can't find to include a pic of! And a thank you to Alyson who helped with color choices. She does know me well!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you to the best pal! You spoiled me rotten and I am so happy! I hope now that you are revealed to me we can become friends cause you ROCK!