Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I am angry at all of my WIPs. Therefore they are all in time out.

Fifi is just pissing me off.

Boyfriend socks suffered a terrible setback today while knitting and getting a pedicure and then knitting while having the oil changed in my car. This set back means I have to rip back the fucking heel and I am not pleased since said boyfriend will be here tonight.

Can't decide on what I want to take to Atl. Obviously the traitorious boyfriend socks. But I need something else and it will NOT be Fifi. I think I will take some yarn ends for another dream swatch and some sock yarn to start a new pair of socks. yeah - sounds ambitious, but I get bored/angry easily.

No pictures because I am too angry with my projects to photo them right now. I really am thinking about setting fire to Fifi just to watch it burn. I won't. I will just finish it later.

Space bags, space bags, itty bitty space ba

Have you ever thought that you needed more room to store yarn? Well, with the upcoming move, I new that hauling all my yarn out to KC was going to be a challenge, but I am of course up to it. I had my roving in on rubbermaid. Sock yarn in another. Yarn remainders in another. Novelty-ish yarn in yet another and worsted weight wools in the final one. Yeah. That is a lot of bins. That doesn't count the GIANT one upstairs that hasn't been gone through. Just downstairs in those bins I have over 42000 yards of yarn and a couple pounds of roving. I am understating the amounts out of embarrassment.

A few weeks ago I hit up Bed Bath and Beyond and picked up a box of assorted space bag sizes. I did not realize how big the damn extra-large space bag was.

That bag comes up to my waist. Seriously. And in that bag I got all of my roving, handspun and sock yarn. It is heavy.

Those would be my stairs. It is stuffed full.

Want to know what it looks like AFTER the sucking out of the air???? Well...
Holy cow!
Yeah. I think all of my yarn will be moved in space bags. *heads off to buy more*

Last up...its the yarn that Kathy won! I finally got around to posting a pic of it. YAY ME!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Episode 12: Iz can Haz Cat Bordhi

Boyfriend Socks

Book Review:

The Stitch Markers pictured are available (so you don't have to make them yourself. Woohoo!!! contact me here, at, or contact Cristi. These are $7.50 + S&H.


Baby Sky Sock

Baby Coriolis Sock

I forgot to mention it, but there will be another crafty project coming that I helped Cristi with.


Homespun Helpers is offical now.

Button will be coming

Stuff is coming in for the Lupus fundraiser which starts in September

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Contest Winners

Because I am late with the podcast this time and I will be out of town from the middle of next week until the following midweek - I want to go ahead and announce the contest winners from Episode 11. The lovely random number generator picked:

Lisacam!!! She wins Spin It: Making Yarn from Scratch - Congrats!!!

The random number generator then chose Kathy! Kathy wins a skein of Trekking XXL in a pretty pink colorway (the same one I used to make my embossed leaves socks earlier this year and a pair of baby socks for my niece!!). I will put a pic up in the show notes or in this entry soon(ish).

If both of you can please contact me as I don't have email addresses for you and blogger won't let me click to contact you, I would appreciate it!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

late again.

Podcast will be a little late this week - but it will hopefully be worth it. Plus it will help bridge that gap during which I will be out of town with Tattoo Boyfriend.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Iz can haz Cat Bordi. kthx bai!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Where did it go?

I haven't knit a thing since Monday. It is Thursday. I haven't worked on FiFi. I haven't worked on Boyfriend socks. I haven't touched the Mystery Stole. And I haven't done a bit of spinning.

What I have done is sleep. When not working, I have been asleep or working on things around the house. I got a bunch of stuff put up on ebay yesterday and have a couple more things to go up. Mainly my never used Cycle Ops Fluid 2 stationary bike trainer which I bought in a fit of temporary insanity.

Anyway. I have touched my yarn. But I haven't knit anything. And I don't think I will tonight either. Tomorrow I will go and knit on the Mystery Stole with Cristi and then probably on Boyfriend socks since there is only so much lace you can knit while drinking beer and watching Dr. Who.

As I have been writing this post, I was also watching SYTYCD AND chatting with my good friend Andy. He was nice enough to send this link for a storage facility to me. The NYC billboard, if you didn't click, says "Your closet space is shrinking as fast as her right to choose" and has a giant hanger. I find it in totally poor taste if you are for or against abortion. I make no judgements of your affiliation. I however, am HORRIFIED at how many people think this billboard is GREAT! If the company meant to invoke the thoughts of illegal self abortion with the huge ass hanger or it was innocent "your closet is where hangers store things" thought ... you know someone at some point had to have pointed out that it is just in poor taste. That kind of treatment of something that was so dangerous for women just makes me a little squicky on the inside. It is very...ummm...flippant I think I want to say. I am so squicked that I can't find the words for it.

I guess I am just tired of the type of advertising - the in your face, distasteful kind - annoys me. Really, most ads annoy me, which is why I love my DVR, but that isnt' the point as this is a billboard. Statistically speaking, billboards are seen by more people than any other form of advertising. Back in day when I was in college they were considered the most effective form of advertising (probably still are) because you can't turn them off and if you commute chances are you pass the same sign every day, so while you don't really pay attention, you will remember seeing the billboard when you think...hmmm, I need some storage space. You might not remember the billboard, but you will remember the name of the place or the logo. Which is the point of good advertising. I don't consider THAT good advertising. I consider it disgusting, although from a pure advertising POV it does all the things you want an ad to do. But still.

Wow. Sorry. This randomly rambling post wasn't meant to be all this. It was meant to say I haven't been knitting, but I have a chocolate milkshake, so life is good. That said...I shall leave you now with the knowledge that I rarely do this and won't again for awhile. We hope.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WIP Wednesday

Well, this week I was challenged to a full disclosure WIP post. I have decided that this will happen next week because I just finished taking pics of half my closet to post on ebay so that I can clear some things out. Seriously. I am really clearing out. I mean it!!!

Anyway...onto the WIPs. Here we have FiFi. I am not saying anything else about it other than it's pink.
And Boyfriend Socks are coming along. There is a surprise on these that you will see when they are done. I haven't worked on anything else. Oh well.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Enable Enable Enable

I wasn't planning to blog today, but since Cristi outed me as her enabler, well, I have decided to share that power!

First, you must take a look at the Mystery Stole 3 inspired Swan Shawl Pin by Romi. It is BEAUTIFUL and if the bank every gives me my money back I will be snapping one up! ETA: The bank gave me my money today!!!! I now have one of these beautiful swan shawl pins preordered. You know you want one!!!!

Next - The Loopy Ewe (my favorite enabling site) had a Sneak Up last night. Now in the shop ... Lime N Violet Sasquatch Sock. This is the first LnV offering at TLE and it is almost gone. Here, we have some LnV Sasquatch from my personal stash (so these colors weren't offered) in The Cloak Maker (top), Atropine (bottom front) and Prozac! They are all pretty!

Also at TLE is Fiesta Boomerang. Holy shit. This yarn in seriously SMOOSHY!!! I can't wait to knit this up.

Eva had a little snuggle time with some Fiesta Boomerang in Stargazer. If you look to the left, you can see that there is some blue and yellow in this skein as well. Its 100% Extrafine Superwash Merino in a DK weight (so your socks will knit up fast!!!) and has a whopping 320 yards, so more than enough for a nice pair of squishy socks. Soon, TLE will be carrying the Fiesta Boomerang Baby (I think is what it is called) which is the fingering weight of this seriously AMAZING yarn! This yarn may be my favorite thing right now.

Well, other than Rozz, who was nice enough to show off this skein of the new Cherry Tree Hill Sockittome (available at an introductory price at TLE). This is The Gypsy Rose colorway and I love it. The content of the new yarn is 80% superwash merino, 20% nylon. I can't wait to have this on my feet!!! Last, but certainly not least is the Dream in Color Smooshy! (out of stock currently, but there will be more soon!!!) This is the Cool Fire colorway, which oddly enough, Wendy Knits recently knit up - I already had mine when she was working on hers. I tell you it was meant to be! 450 yards of handpainted superfine Australian Merino. Holy Moly!
Even Rozz is impressed with the yarn...he was sniffing it...that's my boy!!!
The Loopy Ewe offers free shipping over $75. So if you need a little something to put you over the top and you don't want more yarn *gasp* pick up a Honey House Bee Bar. These bars are a wonderful gift to yourself...or someone else if you are nice. The Scented bar smells of honey and beeswax. Its yummy!!! I haven't tried the Lavender bar *eyes longingly*

I guess that is enough for the day. Despite my splitting headache and desire to just go back to bed, here I am bringing you the things I love best right now.

Friday, August 10, 2007


A little birdie told me that today is a special special day. Yes, today is the day of Cristi's birth!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR KNITTER FRIEND!!!! I hope you and Bloody Finger have a Bloody good time!!!!

I have plans for your giftie...but it will be late. Why? Because I am the world's worst friend!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


Dear Bank,

I reported some unauthorized charges to you over 2 weeks ago. I have called back twice. Today I was on the phone for over an hour and a half and spoke to 5 different people.

Please give me my money back. I have yarn to buy!

No love,


PS - up until today I said you guys were GREAT! now...well, I want to kick and scream, but I apprecaite the 4 really helpful people from today. The first one...not so much.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Its too hot!!

Batteries in the camera are dead. Didn't realize they were the last set in the house. Too frakkin hot to leave the house for batteries. If I had realized this yesterday when I was out...*sigh*

WIPs are coming along nicely. FiFi is coming along. Cabled Cardie is still in the black hole of knitting doom. Boyfriend sock 1 is almost done. I haven't worked on anything else.

Even with the AC on, it is hot hot hot. I mean the heat index is something like 5 billion today. OK - 106 or something. I think the high today was 99. I don't know, since I work from home (thank you to the best employer EVER!!!) I don't actually have to go out in it. Hence no batteries. Hence no pictures. Hence sadness.

Eva is sitting next to me. She wants to be in my lap, but it is too hot to have a fat hairball on me.

Ummmm....nothing else much going on. Just knitting when it isn't too hot (Monday night I was so hot I only knit 2 rows and then went to bed.) Sometimes just being still with the fan on and the AC running and being lazy is what a nice southern night calls for.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Where's the handspun at??

I have to admit that I haven't really been a good spinner this week. With the end of the Tour de Fleece, I have taken a teeny tiny break from my spinning. Not that I am over it, but I needed to catch up on some knitting (I mean I do have something like 3 million WIPs right now), laundry and sleep. I would say I was catching up on housework, as well, but that would be a lie. The house is a wreck of fiber and junk mail. *looks about* Too bad I have all this knitting. Guess it will get cleaned up as I pack it up. handspun today, so instead I will give you piccies of my babies. About a week ago I snapped these shots of the monsters. They are a little tough to get pics of. My camera makes noise when you turn it on or zoom, so by the time you are ready to snap a shot, they have moved/run/hidden/don't look as cute. Tattoo Boyfriend's camera is a digital SLR, so we are excited to work with that instead of my (perfectly acceptable) Fuji Finepix something or another which isn't as quiet as his. Though his is more fiddly. The only time I have used it was under the influence of buckets of Corona (yes, buckets. A couple of the friends starting buying buckets and sharing around...we participated *sigh*)

First, we have Rozz (no, I usually don't make the bed...I used to, now I have more important things to do, like knit).

I have long known that he loves to burrow under the covers and nap during the day. I frequently find him there tucked under. On this particular day, I came upstairs and he just partly covered up. When I grabbed the camera (and turned it on in the other room), he just looked at me while I took his picture. Isn't he a handsome boy??

About an hour later, I came back upstairs for something or another and snapped this pic of Eva.

Notice she is laying EXACTLY where Rozz had been. Not sure if he left and she got up there or if she pushed him out, but it was amusing to me that she was in the same spot he had been in. Pretty pretty princess that she is.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fairieknits: Episode 11 - Finally she has a contest!!!

Lots to do, lots to see!

Mariposa is done after 2 long years of not doing a damn thing with it because I hate to seam. Laziness, I know. In Lion Brand Microspun (which for the life of me I couldn't remember the name of during the podcast ... other than micro...I kept wanting to say microfiber. sorry about that!
Pictures of these next few are all up in the blog! Flip back and see!
Rum Runner Socks from Yarn Pirate Booty Club Yarn in the Rum Runner Colorway.
Danielle's Pinwheel

Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan from Fitted Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter
Mystery Stole 3
Tattoo Boyfriend Socks
New Yarn:
Dream in Color Smooshy - Cool Fire Colorway - check out some knitted socks in it at Wendy Knits!
Fiesta Boomerang in Stargazer
Cherry Tree Hill in Gypsy Rose
You can check them all out at The Loopy Ewe which is where I picked mine up at.
Book Reviews:

The Tour de Fleece is over and I learned a lot while spinning during that time.

Plans for the Lupus Raffle in September are going well. Thank you to all who have sent in donations for prizes already! Looking to start mid-Sept and run through probably Oct. 5. Tickets will be $5 each and I am hoping to raise $5ooo this year!

Crafting for a Cause will be officially name changing to Homespun Helpers on August 15th. More into on that blog. I am so pleased to be part of this amazing group!

I am going to give away a copy of Spin It: Making Yarn from Scratch. To be eligible you must leave a comment on this post and I will use the random number generator to pick a winner. One entry per person no matter how many times you comment. And if you don't have a blog, that is ok as long as I can get in touch with you! I will be raiding my yarn stash for at least one yarn prize as well!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


I read on Bezzie's blog that there is a cool contest about vacation stories over at Calling on Kalho, so I figure this is a good time to talk about that. I am guessing that most people will recount a vacation from their childhood, but not me. Sure, I have GREAT memories of childhood vacations to Disneyworld (which were then eclipsed by the fact that we moved to Orlando, so Disney lost it's luster) and Niagra Falls. Or the years we went camping or my trip to London and Paris.

I, however, had my favorite vacation 2 summers ago. Just two? Why? Well, lets begin the begin, shall we?

Every year there is a convention in Atlanta called Dragon*Con. A few years before I went with a group of friends for the first time. I skipped the next year and then went again in 2005 with some other friends. Andy and his wife Mel, Cheri, Gen, Charles, my friend Larry, Jeff and some others from all over the country headed to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend. Cheri, Gen and I shared a room full of giggly girls and we were off to have one hell of a drunken weekend. I mean we were drunk the first night.

On Saturday, Gen and I decided to wait in line (forever) to see the cast of the Firefly movie, Serenity which was coming out in just a few weeks (I had already seen it at a screening - that isn't the point). Behind us in line, there was a guy. He was hot. HOLYMOTHEROFGODHEWASHOT!!! I was, of course, knitting. A lace scarf in fucking mohair as a matter of fact which I kept having to rip back since I was trying to watch him out of the corner of my eye. He talked to my group of friends, but when the line moved, we lost him. He claimed later I ran away from him. He lies, I looked for him.

I lement that I have not seen him again. Did I mention he was HOT?

Gen spots him on Sunday across a crowded hotel lobby. She yells at him. He thinks it is me yelling at him. He comes over. He hangs out. He is, as you have guessed, Tattoo Boyfriend. We hung out until about 3 am. We had drinks. Some random guy in a bar who claimed he was a judge from San Fran there for business with his sife (re: hooker) said we made a really cute couple. He passed all of the potential dating questions. He bought water for me when I was thirsty. He joked, he laughed, he shared. We had an immediate attraction.

There was an embarrassing little incident in the dealers room involving a guy at the bondage booth oversharing about his carpal tunnel and a certain pair of bondage cuffs he can stay in for hours. I was MORTIFIED that this guy was telling me this as I stood next to the HOTTEST GUY EVER TO TALK TO ME. I attract things like this. He said he had no idea I was mortified, but really when we got into the 10th minute of this guy's was too much.

We parted late that night with the possibility of breakfast the next day and Gen and I walked back to our hotel. My phone had died earlier in the evening, so when we got back to the hotel I plugged it in and was listening to VM when he CALLED. He wanted to tell me he had a great time and wanted to make sure we got back ok. Then we had breakfast in the morning. It was the best french toast EVER (and I have a deep deep love for french toast). He ordered the same thing I did. I smiled.

The whole weekend was a lot of fun, but those few days are a blur of happiness and excitement. Now, 2 years later, we are getting ready to head down to Atlanta again. I am getting ready to move to Kansas City so we can be together full time and none of this 2 city business.

And to think, at the last minute BOTH of us almost didn't go. Funny how those things work out. Now, here is a picture of that trip that he is in, but you can't see him...hahahaha. He hates to have his pic taken, and since I can't seem to locate that pic at the moment...there are none. hahahaha. OK - I am a meanie. Sorry. He is very private and doesn't really like it when I talk about him, so shhhhh...he doesn't read this blog or listen to the podcast. mostly because he hears enough about fiber at home already.

Turtlegirl76 and The Bloody Finger: A Cautionary Tale

So one Friday a knitter named Aimee* went to a knitter named Cristi's* house for an evening of beer, nachos and knitting. Not really in that order. When Aimee arrived, Cristi was pruning her bearded irises because, well, it was time and her family is coming next week. Cristi was doing this as quickly as possible because 1) it was hotter than hell out, 2) there was knitting to be done and 3) she had no beer.

Aimee went upstairs to put her knitting bag down and grab a couple beers. She pet Calvin and Ripple and then went to the kitchen for beer. Meanwhile, Cristi is busy pruning away. Suddenly, Cristi is in the kitchen holding her hand. She has cut her finger. Let's rephrase. She has attempted to sever her finger with a pair of pruning sheers.

Aimee looks at it with her. They put pressure on it. They put peroxide on it. Aimee calls her mom to see if they should take her to have it looked at. Mom says to do that if it won't stop bleeding. It stops. Cristi goes out to clean up the clippings and decides to cut some more plants. Her finger begins to bleed again. Once again the bleeding is finally stopped with the discovery of some of that second skin bandage stuff applied.

Dinner and beer are had. Dr. Who is watched. Finger bleeds some more. Aimee suggests having it looked at, however it is too late to do anything but go to the ER. Cristi declines the ER saying she feels stupid going to the ER. The finger throbs. Aimee suggests taking some ibuprofen. Cristi takes 3 motrin. With beer.

The finger develops its own personality. Bloody Finger. Bloody Finger talks and tells you to do things. Aimee suggests that Cristi put a regular band-aid OVER the gushy looking second skin stuff (which has now been changed once and is now the finger sized kind) because yarn shops won't let you touch yarn with Bloody Finger.

Cristi drives to DC. Bloody Finger is semi-gushy. Bloody Finger continues to bleed. Pam, who is sheltering Cristi in DC for the night, sees Bloody Finger. Cristi finally breaks down and goes to an Urgent Care where they tell her they can't do anything anyway because it has been over 24 hours. She just has to live with her new friend: Bloody Finger. Pam takes Cristi to a pub for beer and to hang out with a doctor friend who they will make look at it. Although he is only an anesthesiologist.

Aimee encourages her to talk to people with Bloody Finger and in the Bloody Finger voice which came out the night before thereby cementing Cristi as single for another night.

Lucky for Cristi, this happened to her left ring finger. She is an English style knitter so this doesn't affect her knitting really. Unless Bloody Finger is actively bleeding and no one wants blood on their knitting.

Moral #1: When using sharp objects make sure your fingers are out of the way before cutting.
Moral #2: When you are still bleeding 4 hours later and your friend says - hey, lets go to the ER - GO! She is wise in the ways of injuring herself and is willing to sit with you while you wait.
Moral #3: WTF are you doing yard work for when there is knitting to be done??? When there is knitting to be done, well, you should do it.
Moral #4: Never EVER do anything that could endanger your knitting. This includes housework and laundry.
Moral #5: If you are going to do serious damage to your hand, make sure you do it to a part that doesn't interfere with your knitting and on your non-dominant for knitting hand.

Five morals sounds good enough really.

Nope: One more. Moral #6: When your injury gets its own personality, you should worry both about your sanity as well as the sanity of your friend who is now speaking to you in the Bloody Finger Voice.

I would show you pictures, but really I promise that you don't want to see them.

*The names in this story have not been changed because no one is innocent.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Blackhole Edition

Well, its WIP Wednesday and I bet you are hoping for some progress pics? Well, there are none? Why? Well, I have been project faithful (mostly). I have only completed another couple rows on the mystery stole, but have mostly been working on the Elizabeth Bennet Cabled Cardigan.
I am in the blackhole of knitting on this project. I feel like I have been knitting and knitting and knitting and knitting(and really, I have - I worked on it for almost 3 hours on Monday night and another hour since) and I still haven't split off the sleeves. It looks great, just exactly the same...and it will for atleast another 10 increase rows or no pics.

Then last weekend I decided that I would work on finishing some projects, so I did. I finished some socks. I finished the Basalt Tank...again. I say that because I had already finished it and worn it once, but there was a little issue that I needed to fix. A year later and I finally did it.

I did CO a new pair of socks today for Tattoo Boyfriend. I had to take the monsters to the vet and needed a project to carry along. I am almost done with the first foot, but I am wiped out from all that kitty wrangling, so I am going to take a nap instead of a picture.
And now you know the REAL reason for no pics on WIPs today...oh well...I like the Basalt Tank.
Pattern: Basalt Tank - Knitting Nature by Norah Gaughn
Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton
Needles: ummm...I don't remember...whatever the pattern called for, I got gauge and off I went.
Issues: There is errata for this pattern. Hell, for this whole book. That 6" tail I wove in under BOTH underarms?? worked itself out when I was at dinner the first time I wore it. I just fixed that.
It was a nice knit. I enjoyed it. I looked good in it.