Friday, November 30, 2007


When I was in Orlando in October, Mom bought birthday yarn for me. Since the birthday wasn't until last weekend, I waited to show it off.

Lipstick Lava 003

Dream in Color Smooshy

Lipstick Lava 002

The Colorway is Lipstick Lava

Lipstick Lava 010

Bought at Sip and Knit in Maitland, Fl, where I took Mom for a yarny visit.

Lipstick Lava 009

Look at that color! It is a vibrant red with little bits of purple.

Lipstick Lava 006


Lipstick Lava 004

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pretty lights!

Cristi and I had a little KAL for the December Lights Tam!

Tam Twins

See our pretty tams!

December Lights Tam 2007 002

We have pretty pretty tams!


Look at those floats!

December Lights Tam FO

My only regret about this project is that I don't think I picked the colors wisely enough. I love the colors, but I think the pale pink and pale purple together loose the shape of the design a little. Though I love the way the brown pops against the green.

December Lights Tam Upper

Obligatory stitch shot!

Pattern: December Lights Tam, Holiday 2007, IK
Yarn: Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino - 8 colors. yes, 8.
Needles: Addi Turbos size 3 and Yarn Pirate size 2 - both circs. I magic looped the hat as it decreased.
Gauge: 24 st = 4in (called for was 26 = 4in). Now that gauge is in the blocked top section, there is a portion between that and the ribbing that is 28/4 inches - so it varies. Who cares, it works and it is cute!
Started: Saturday, Nov 17
Finished: Friday, Nov 23
Mods: Oh - and there was a little issue with the number of stitches you end with at the end of the damn chart. There was a LOT of cussing and searching on the interwebs and NO ONE mentioned it anywhere. Cristi was sure I was crazy, though I SWEAR I was not crazy. To get to 5 I S1, K2tog, PSSO, k1 and repeated around somehow - I wanted to make sure the decrease lines stayed all nice and neat and happy. And they did!
Notes: I have a TON of yarn left. This was a quick knit and I really enjoyed it! The fair isle was really fun! This is my first fair isle project since I took that class with Jane Prater at Charlotte Yarn alllll those months ago!

We're 5 by 5

We're so cool.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Oops! I fell down! Hard!

Well, very little has been done on the Elizabeth Bennett Cabled Cardigan, but we have a second button band!

WIP Wednesday 11282007 EBCC

Why? Well, I started a new sock for my mom. Here's a toe in the Rio de la Plata I featured on Friday. And that is as far as I got Friday night.

WIP Wednesday 11282007 Mom Sock

On Saturday I started a cardie for my niece for Christmas.That didn't last long. I can't remember anything about the yarn or the pattern at the moment.

WIP Wednesday 11282007 MC Cardie

Because it is Norovember and I bought enough to make the Butterfly.

WIP Wednesday 11282007 Butterfly

Silk Garden Light in 2032. Look - I finished the back and I CO the right front! Seriously. Noro heals! I am in total love with this colorway!!! I am so glad I broke on Saturday and spent a LOT of money on 11 balls of this stuff!

WIP Wednesday 11282007 Butterfly2

Look at those stripes and that color!!! How could I resist???

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Itty-Bitty-Booty Stash Sale

See this face??

No. Not Travis. The cutie ON Travis. Bitty.

Bitty belongs to one of my favorite people EVER, Alyson and her HILF, Travis. (OK - not really, I am not that kind of girl, but May said it at SAFF and it made us all laugh our asses off! and then Cristi tried to steal him)

Bitty has a little problem and needed surgery today. So, Alyson is de-stashing to help offset the cost. Seriously. Go now! Cause she has some cool ass stuff AND Bitty needed surgery!

Bitty is recovering well at the moment, but her minions are a little worried about how they are going to get her out of hock AND still feed her and Brodie.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Food, Fiber, Friends and Fun!

I have to admit that I didn't get as much spinning done over the 4 day weekend as I had hoped.

Handspun Monday 11262007

But with good reason. It was a busy busy weekend! Thursday was Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2007

Dinner for one can still be yummy!

Friday we had craft night.

Calvin can haz his tail!

I can haz mai tailz!

Saturday I went to Cristi's after a fun day at the yarn shop. She gave me the best birthday prezzie!!

Spritely Goods, Magenta

4 oz. of hand-dyed Merino wool from Spritely Goods!

Spritely Goods, Magenta

Colorway is Mazantia!

Spritely Goods, Magenta

I can't wait to spin this up. It bumps up to next on the list!

Sunday Rachel (blogless! boohiss!) hosted a holiday card making party. I took knitting of course as I have no ability in the paper crafting.

Craftravaganza 002

mmmm...yummy goodies and good friends!

Craftravaganza 003
So lots of friends and food and fun this weekend. A LOT of knitting (ummm...I cast on SEVERAL projects this weekend and finished one - look for it soon) and some new fiber to play with!!!

Spritely Goods, Magenta


Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas comes early

Sort of.

YPF 11232007 003

While I was in Orlando, mom picked out this yarn for a pair of socks for Christmas.

YPF 11232007 004

This is Rio de la Plata - and I would tell you the colorway name, but a) it doesn't have one just a list of the colors used in it and b) it is downstairs and I am too lazy to go down there, get the list of colors and come back up.

So more pretty pics of the yarn.

YPF 11232007 010

It's a really good thing I love her since winding this hank was the biggest pain in the ass EVER.

YPF 11232007 015

Not sure what they will be yet, but I should know by the end of the weekend...

YPF 11232007 013

Oh - and it is incredibly soft.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


In honor of the American Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful today for the Earth we live on. (cheesy, yes, shut up!)

On the run!

The Guilt-Free Shopping Bag! Take it along and use a little less in the plastic bag and paper bag department.


Yes, these can both be recycled, but the reality is, recycling these cause a lot of toxic chemicals, so I am trying to keep that down.

I have a bag and you don't!

Now, I will still need plastic bags for kitty litter, so this won't replace all bags, but it will replace a lot. I don't get bags in most places anyway, just the grocery store. So this will replace one or two of those each visit.

I have a headache!

Special bonus: It can double as an ice pack holder for those days when you have a wee bit of a hangover!

Everlasting Bagstopper Upclose

Pattern: Everlasting Bagstopper from
Yarn: Organic Cotton and Recycled Soda Bottles from Little Barn (purchased at SAFF)
Notions: Chocolate brown ribbon, stringy thing, claspy thing
Cost: Yarn: $1.79, ribbon: free cause Cristi owned it, stringy thing and claspy thing: $1.00 purchased at the Dollar Store in the form of a laundry bag that I ripped it off of. Total: $2.79 (HELL YA!!!)
Modifications: None really. I placed the stringy thing a little lower than a handspan.
Notes: I will make this again. Mostly because it only took one skein and I have 2. someone is getting the gift of a reusable market bag from me! WEEEEE!
Time: Ummm...This was a FAST knit, but I didn't really keep track as I worked on it in between things. I think it was probably less than 4 hours. Really it was 2 nights I think.
Models: May and Cristi last night at knitting group. Thanks, ladies!!!

For Zonda

A special picture for Zonda...that is a bird ornament if you are wondering.
I have gotten a little bit of crap for my special Thanksgiving tradition of Wheat Thins and Diet Coke for dinner. I will have you know that will be lunch today. I am cooking dinner for me. Wanna know what is on the menu? Well...peppercorn crusted pork tenderloin, fresh asparagus with lemon, four cheese risotto, baby greens salad with blue cheese crumbles and pomegranite and blueberry salad dressing and fresh baked wheat dinner rolls. mmmmmm....yummy. And all for me. So yes, I will have lots of left overs for next week.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yeah, I still have it...

The Cardigan has made some progress. One sleeve and one button band to go.


The sekrit sock?

WIP Wed CTH Sock

Well, it got frogged back to the toe.

WIP Wed Dec Lights Tam

And the December Lights Tam which I started on Saturday - its coming along nicely.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


When mom came to visit this summer she asked if I would make her something to hold her cell phone. Then before I could, she left.

Cabled Cozy Front Closed

Mom's phone fits in this sideways - so it is a little different

I mean, she left within an hour of asking for it, I didn't even Cast on. I didn't even think about it.

Cabled Cozy Back

Anyway, she got one for her birthday...I delivered it when I was in Orlando in October, and yes, I realize that was a month ago.

Cabled Cozy Top

I put in purl turning rows so that it holds its boxy shape nicely.

Pattern: from my head (I didn't want to felt anything and I didn't have time - I also didn't want plain SS)
start time: a Sunday evening
finished: Same night
yarn: Yarn Pirate Superwash BFL in Calamity
yards: like 10

Cabled Cozy

Monday, November 19, 2007

Handspun and more!

It was an exciting weekend here in fairie-land. But first we have handspun!!!

Handspun Monday 11192007 001

Poppy Flower Fibers Domestic Wool in Sunset. I have JUST about half of this spun up. It is spinning like a dream! I hope to finish this up this weekend and have some finished yarn for you next weekend!

New Basket

But what is it in?? Well, that would be my new basket! I picked it up at the Ren Fest Sunday when May, Cristi and I went for the last day of the Fest this year.
MayCristi's new do!
May and Cristi dressed in garb!


I didn't, but I did find a kickass parasol. Which I didn't buy, so I have to reflect wistfully at the picture. Cristi and I had our palms read.

Palm Reading

It was interesting (I think the palm reader has spies *looks at all of you*).

As for goings on...well, the Tortuga Twins put on an excellent set of shows...


They picked a VERY tall man as the villian.

Tortuga Humping

Then there was humping. No, I didn't hump.


There were pretty greyhounds from the rescue. I would rescue one, but we have 2 cats and 2 pugs between us and we just aren't getting anymore. Oh - and there is the fish tank. Yeah, we have enough.

I really should back up a day, though because Jen came for a visit this weekend!!!


I took her to Charlotte Yarn where we had a day of knitting and then we went to Cristi's for more knitting! I thought we might make it to the Charlotte Purls meeting on Saturday, but by the time Jen made it to town and we had lunch, then went to the shop and I picked out yarn, it was almost 3. But, it was a fibery weekend of goodness!!! Jen was quite taken with the size of my stash. And Cristi's.

Jen pic taking

As always, we had Friday night Craft night. It was just me and Cristi this week and she made chili for dinner. It was yummy. I brought chocolate pie. We had some chocolate Redi-Whip for the pie and about 9 I looked over and said, "you know what else chocolate Redi-Whip would be good on? Chocolate Martinis."

Chocolate Martinis

Yes, they were good. A little strong, but yummy none the less.