Thursday, October 05, 2006

tasty treats!!

Pretty yarn for the next prize up! We have Artful Yarns Portrait.

Artful Yarns Portrait

Check out The Boyfriend Catcher which was knit out from the pattern on the ballband.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Babies Babies Everywhere!

Well, we welcomed Sweet Baby James into the world. We as in the extended family of the internets and of course I HAD to knit something for the baby boy. I mean up to now I have only been knitting for the Perfect Baby Niece Mary Catherine (who is being baptized this weekend in Raleigh, so there will be pictures!)

I promise pics soon, but since I started this silly silly post on 7/31 and I am just now getting back to pics today. I swear I have some. So, what have I been knitting? Well, a couple hats finished up and a pair of socks. A purse. Some baby stuff, a couple other things I am sure. Oh - I knit the Basalt Tank from Knitting Nature and thanks to the Errata, it wasn't as bad as others experiences. I am swatching up some Cascade cherub collection DK weight yarn for sock wars which starts tomorrow. How exciting!!!

Ummm...i will really update with pics and all here soon. I am just throwing this out there so that I don't feel so guilty. I will have to go read my personal journal to make sure I include all the knitting goodness of the last couple months!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

I have been slack in my knitting and posting of said knitting. the only excuse I have is that I have been moving. I am working on sock #2 for the boy and continue working on the Mason Dixon After Dark Nightie in my sparsely furnished new home. just me, one chair and some yarn. it has been amazingly relaxing.

Need to get on the ball for knitting baby BOY clothes as my dear friend Nikki is a new Auntie to her best friends', Dave and Liz, new addition James Edward. YAY! A new baby to knit for!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Knit update

Well, my very first sock is knit. Yes, there will be pictures at some point. I have since started and ripped the sock mate 2 or 3 times. So no more knitting tonight. Or at least on that project.

I am trying not to start any more projects until I finish some, but I know that isn't really going to happen. I am already itching to start one of the new patterns on Knitty and a pair of socks for me. And I already have a couple projects on the needles that I need to finish.

I did finish the Tess Camisole by Louet designs. Again, there will be pictures. Some day. I promise. There are a lot of really cool things I want to knit. Every day I see more things.

Oh - if you don't know - Knitty Gritty is back on DIY with new epis. I hear they will alternating with previously aired epis. If you are new to knitting or want a few new techniques or cool projects, it is a great show. Check it out.

Thought of the day: My hair and the cat hair is knit lovingly into your gift. It adds an extra special touch of love to everything I do :) or at least that is going to be my story.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

You know it's love...

Not all guys want to get knit creations from their women. I am lucky, however, and mine thinks it is cool that I start with a ball of nothing and end up with something cool. That or he lies well. So, I knit him things. So fat I have knit him a Harry Potter Scarf in Slytherin colors, 2 hats, a TROGDOR!, a knithulhu, a sweater (that still needs to be seamed) and now I am working on a pair of socks for him. When I tell him that I have started a new knit project for him, he laughs and says cool. Thinking of the 3 million projects I have on the needles in desperate need of finishing. He is probably also thinking he will never wear whatever hideous creation is about to come his way, but he loves me, so he says they are great and he loves them.

True love is thinking your girlfriend is cute, not nuts, when she knits you things. Also, he hears me say things like, "I went to the yarn store today. Being around that much yarn makes me calm." and laughs. Cause he knows I am a total yarn perv and something about that much fiber just makes my soul fill with a calm happiness that I can't even begin to describe.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Charlotte Knitting Meetup

Went to my first Charlotte Knitting Meetup today at the Borders at Northlake mall. I was a little nervous because I have been saying I was going to go, but haven't made it there yet. And, let's face it, I am not great at meeting new people. But Brian convinced me by saying at least we have knitting in common.

I had a blast. the time FLEW by. While at Borders I snagged a copy of Knitting Nature by Nora Gaughan. Let me tell you this book is FANTASTIC!!! There are at least 20 things I want to knit in it. And because I shop at Borders SOOOOO much, I earned a personal shopping day today and redeemed a personal shopping day (I bought some other books, too). Really Borders is a fantastic deal if you are buying books at full price - you earn $$ for Holiday Shopping and if you spend $50 in a month you get 10% off for a whole day no matter how much you shop. For me, it is the most sensible way to buy those expensive knitting books. Yes, I love my LYS, and yes they have a great program, too, but their selection is a bit more limited.

So, yeah. Work on the secret knitting project continues. I am looking forward to maybe finishing up a couple little things to get some projects off the table and maybe some other new fun projects along the way!

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a knitting girl, in my knitting world

Welcome to FairieKnits. I have another knitting blog that I am terrible at keeping up on Live Journal, also fairieknits. I am hoping that I can get more serious about my knitting and my blogging about knitting by moving that here and participating in the Mason Dixon Knit a Long.

My knitting passion is all over. Some people love socks, others sweaters. I just love the patterns and the yarn and how I can make them mine. I have a variety of projects on the needles right now. A sweater, a golf club cover, a special project from MDK, a tank top (that just needs to be seamed), at least 2 scarves, some flowers that need to be shaped and felted and who knows what else. I certainly don't. My boyfriend told me that my work log is getting backed up, but I don't consider it work, to me it is all fun!

A little about me for reference. I was diagnosed with lupus almost 3 years ago...or is it 4...I don't remember anymore. It has been a long time. Or it feels that way. I started knitting a few months after I was diagnosed to try to help with the onset of arthritis. At 29, I am just happy that I wake up every morning, go to a great job and have a good time with friends and knitting. I currently live in Charlotte, NC, where I have been for almost 12 years. Its a good city for knitting. Lots of local yarn shops. I am hoping to teach some knitting at one of them this fall. More on that later.