Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm a knitting girl, in my knitting world

Welcome to FairieKnits. I have another knitting blog that I am terrible at keeping up on Live Journal, also fairieknits. I am hoping that I can get more serious about my knitting and my blogging about knitting by moving that here and participating in the Mason Dixon Knit a Long.

My knitting passion is all over. Some people love socks, others sweaters. I just love the patterns and the yarn and how I can make them mine. I have a variety of projects on the needles right now. A sweater, a golf club cover, a special project from MDK, a tank top (that just needs to be seamed), at least 2 scarves, some flowers that need to be shaped and felted and who knows what else. I certainly don't. My boyfriend told me that my work log is getting backed up, but I don't consider it work, to me it is all fun!

A little about me for reference. I was diagnosed with lupus almost 3 years ago...or is it 4...I don't remember anymore. It has been a long time. Or it feels that way. I started knitting a few months after I was diagnosed to try to help with the onset of arthritis. At 29, I am just happy that I wake up every morning, go to a great job and have a good time with friends and knitting. I currently live in Charlotte, NC, where I have been for almost 12 years. Its a good city for knitting. Lots of local yarn shops. I am hoping to teach some knitting at one of them this fall. More on that later.

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Virtuous said...

Hi Amie!!

So glad I am learning more about you!!