Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My wheel arrived. There will be pictures, I promise. But first, I need to name her.

Also - because I didn't record this weekend, I haven't mentioned that the amazing Lisa at Poppy Flower Fibers is giving 20% off to all fairieknits listeners/readers through June 15. Just put "Lunatic" in the comments when you check out and wait to pay until after you receive an updated invoice from her. She has some totally bee-u-T-ful! stuff!! Merino, base yarn that is lamb's pride from brown sheep, BFL - and in vibrant colors that just pop! I can't wait to get my order from her!!!! Seriously, head over there and take a look at her stuff. She just updated today and I am sure there will be lots more coming!


Virtuous said...

YAH on your wheel!!

I tried the web link and there was an error message....is that the right web addy?

turtlegirl76 said...

Ok so when are we spinning?