Thursday, May 24, 2007

World Wide Knit In Public Day

June 9 is WWKIP Day! Woohoo!!! What plans do you have? Tell me here and if I have comments I will talk about them when I record the next episode (so you only have a couple days before that, but I will probably talk about it again on the next show, so seriously, what are you doing???)

I don't have any plans yet, so if you are in the Charlotte area, let me know what you are planning. I have some email out to see if I can get something together, so we shall see, but I don't know yet.

Why knit in public? WHY NOT??? I do it all the time. I make just about every day KIP day. I always have knitting with me and if I have to wait more than 2 mins in line or for an appointment, well, then I pull out my knitting. Sure, I get strange looks sometimes. I mean who expects a cute 30 year old to be knitting? But I also get a lot of - what are you making? can you teach me? I want to learn! That is beautiful! Did you knit that bag, too (because I am ALMOST always carrying a knit by me purse)?? what better way to expose new people to the amazing craft of knitting (or crochet if you must) than to knit in public! Its also a great way to meet new knitters in your area!


Kelly said...

My knitting group is celebrating in Tampa, FL! We will be at the Citrus Park Mall at 10am and we will stay until everyone leaves. For more info visit: We hope to have our blogspot up and running


Virtuous said...

" what better way to expose new people to the amazing craft of knitting"

I absolutely agree!

I am down for whatever! So let me know what y'all decide to do. I already had it marked on my calendar and on my blog! :o)