Friday, November 23, 2007

Christmas comes early

Sort of.

YPF 11232007 003

While I was in Orlando, mom picked out this yarn for a pair of socks for Christmas.

YPF 11232007 004

This is Rio de la Plata - and I would tell you the colorway name, but a) it doesn't have one just a list of the colors used in it and b) it is downstairs and I am too lazy to go down there, get the list of colors and come back up.

So more pretty pics of the yarn.

YPF 11232007 010

It's a really good thing I love her since winding this hank was the biggest pain in the ass EVER.

YPF 11232007 015

Not sure what they will be yet, but I should know by the end of the weekend...

YPF 11232007 013

Oh - and it is incredibly soft.


Virtuous said...

I love me some Rio! I swear it is the sister to Malabrigo!

Jen said...

An yet it is so pretty. Love those greens.

J.P. said...

That is some bee-u-ti-ful yarn!