Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What time is it???

Seriously, it is early.

WIP Wednesday 11142007 EBCC

But I have over half a sleeve. I would be further but I had to rip back 10 rows last night because I can't read.

WIP Wednesday 11142007 EBCC

in cables even.

I have another couple FOs to show off still. And a sekrit project that I can't show you pictures of. So you just get the EBCC today. Excuse the crap lighting - I took at at 11:30 last night in the hotel. And since the asscrack of dawn hasn't gotten here yet, there is no light to take pics with yet this morning. I am not even sure I am awake enough to be writing. Although I have already done yoga this morning. oh hell, I am just babbling. must get ready for work.

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Michelle said...

wow, beautiful! What pattern is this?