Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A new home

I have a new home! I am excited to announce that I have moved the blog to That's right, I have my own site. I will be rewriting the feed from this blog to the other over the next few days (as soon as I 1. have time and 2. figure it out) but you are welcome to just come over and subscribe that way. I will be posting my first post over there starting with today's WIP Wednesday post.

I have moved all of the blog posts from here over to the new site, so everything is in one place.

We aren't quite finished with the site yet, but Dani is wonderful and working on it with me! YAYAYAY! This has been a long time coming.



Virtuous said...

YAH!! What fun!

I plan to move one day too! ;o)

Sandy said...

Sorry you're moving away from blogger, I'm blog hopping this am, found you via Homespun Helpers that I'm trying to acquainted with. Followed your link, then think I got confused. Somehow got to Ravelry (sp), am not familiar with that, can you fill me? One link to another and found Lingr which I've never seen or heard of, but it looks fun...but there again everyone connected to knitting or crocheting seemed to somehow be connected to Rivarly. I did join Lingr (or registered), but then read something about it having nothing to do with your think now I'm even more confused. lol It often takes me awhile with these techy things.

Enjoyed looking at your pictures of all your WIP. Am particularly interested in what I call the ripple ghan. I've made plenty of them crocheting, but only recently has my knitting gotten to where I'd like to try one. Can you point me to the easiest possible pattern for beginners? I have a huge box of crochet patterns, and love looking at them; but rarely actually follow them; but I'm not that confident with my knitting and I don't want to get another whole box of books. lol

I understand the basic that we'd be skipping stitches and added stitches to make the hills and valleys, but.......from there?

Have a great day

pop over for a visit, welcome mats always out

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