Thursday, June 07, 2007

pretty roving ahead...

Now that I have what I want, I will let you at it...Lisa at Poppy Flower Fibers just put up part 1 of a 2 part roving update. She still has some yarn over there too. Due to a skein winder mishap, though, no new yarns yet. BUT - you still get a 20% off discount (through the 15th of this month) when you put "Lunatic" in the comments and wait for a new invoice prior to paying. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.

Enjoy...and remember you have to order by the 15th to take advantage of this offer! (And seriously, she has merino, superwash merino and domestic wool roving - I don't know what is coming tomorrow, but I am sure I will buy more!)

Oh - and if I don't forget I will talk about the bee-u-T-FUL stuff I already got from her on my next podcast!!!

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