Monday, October 15, 2007

Handspun Monday Returns!

On Saturday I took my wheel to the Charlotte Folk Society Anniversary shindig. While there I did spin some singles, but I also plied something that I spun back in July during the Tour de Fleece.

Love Bones 3 plied

I haven't pulled it off the bobbin yet to measure it and calc the WPI, but it is probably worsted weight-ish. You can really see the difference in the first to second bobbin as I worked daily on my spinning. I told Cristi someday when I want coils I will never remember how I did them.

Love Bones 3 left overs

Even more exciting is that THAT IS ALL I HAD LEFT after plying the 2 bobbins. I split the fiber in half and did the best I could with it, but the first few things I had a lot left on one bobbin. There is barely anything there this time. WOOHOO!!!!

Tomorrow...a FO! oooo...I wonder what it will be!!!

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