Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I wanna wish you a merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas is almost over on the Eastern coast of the US. Hope you all had a nice one. I spent the day napping and watching bad tv. WOOHOO! Oh - and talking to my family.

My gift to myself (ok - there were a few) but my knitted gift to me was Sursa!


Pattern Details: Sursa by Cornelia Tuttle for Noro.
Yarns: Fleece Artist Scotian Silk (1 skein) and Malabrigo worsted in Applewood held double (1.5 skeins - I could have shortened the ruffle and only used one, but instead i added a couple rows when I broke into the second skein)
Neeldes: Denise Size 15
Mods: None
Notes: This was a fast and easy knit.

Sursa back

Its nice and warm and while these are typical colors for me, I love this shawl!


Could I look LESS happy??

Oh - and I jammed a metal rod into my tongue this week - so podcast will be happening LATER - like next weekend. cause I sound all tongue-swollen-y.


amanda said...

you gotta tongue ring? wow, brave grrl.

Jen said...

sursa looks great on you. Those colors are really flattering. I'm glad Christmas went well, but don't you wish you could convince all your relatives knitting and knitting supplies really ARE the best Christmas presents? I'm also sending you lots of slushies for the tongue.

Zonda said...

Beautiful Sursa! Looks great on you!!

OUCH!!!! Heal quickly! :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! As always!!! Brava on the tounge ring :)