Monday, December 17, 2007

A fair trade

I don't have much in the handspun department today. I spun a little, but then I realized CRAP CHRISTMAS KNITTING!

Handspun Monday 12172007 002

So I stopped spinning and focused on finishing my mom's socks.

Not so Plain socks FO 007

Mom wanted ankle socks. Plain Ankle Socks. See how that worked?

Not so Plain socks FO 008

This yarn didn't want to be plain socks. So they are No So Plain Ankle Socks.

Started: ummm...I CO the toe a few weeks ago, but really didn't work on them until last Sunday

Finished: Sunday, December 16

Needles: Size 2 - magic loop

Yarn: Rio de la Plata

I will publish the pattern soon (Yeah, I know I keep saying that about my patterns, but I swear it is coming...)

Not so Plain socks FO 002

Hmmm...I just realized there isn't a good pic of the toe... but here is another shot of the pretty cables. Which I am insanely proud of since I did them without a cable needle! The varigation of yarn doesn't always lend itself to cables, but this tonal yarn - even with the very different greens - looks fantastic!!!


Knit Witch said...

YAY for cabling without a cable needle!! Those things are a pain in the neck. Your socks look great!

Amanda said...

i heart your socks.

turtlegirl76 said...

Ooooh pretty! They look great.