Tuesday, July 03, 2007

And that's a wrap!

A head wrap that is. Specifically the Dream Swatch from Knit and Tonic.

It still needs a light blocking, but I was so excited I finished that I wanted to wear it to knitting Monday night and have Cristi snap a few shots for me. Thanks, Christi.
Jean Marie just doesn't look all that impressed with whatever it is I have to say at the moment.

Made this from the mill ends of some Koigu I bought at Yarn Paradise. There was plenty there and I am super excited about it. And bonus, I am watching a Knitty Gritty episode (the Scout teaches us all to dye episode) and Scout is wearing this headwrap. If it isn't this one it is so damned close I can't tell it isn't this pattern (and yeah, I got up on the tv to check it out).
So, now I am only at 5 projects on the needles.


Virtuous said...

It is tooo cute!!! :o)

I am SO buying some Koigu soon!

Thank goodness! Only 5 projects on the needles! :op Hahaha! I am just messing with you!

Hope to see you soon! :oD

Have a good 4th!! I am sure we will both be knitting!! :o)

turtlegirl76 said...

Yup! Scout was wearing the Dream Swatch. I remember her blog post talking about the taping of that episode. It's great for showing off handpainted yarn.

And psst - no "h" in my name please. Okthxbai