Thursday, July 26, 2007

Great minds and such...

I had been planning to blog about the Charlotte Yarn Swap and Sell from this Saturday all week and decided that today was the day. Imagine my surprise when reading bloglines and Cristi beat me to it!! Well, I am doing it anyway because while I have a FO to share, I don't have the pics loaded yet because this was the planned post for the day.
Because she beat me to it, right there is Cristi selling her yarn! What she didn't sell, she donated to charity!
And here is Autumn buying some of Cristi's yarn. I met her tonight for a little knitting fun and tea talk and she is already knitting up what she bought this weekend into a cute wrap to wear to her brothers wedding in 2 weeks. Or maybe she is buying Heather's yarn here. Not sure. But she was buying yarn!

But where is my table? Well, I have to be honest - I didn't take any yarn to swap or sell. Instead I took a large trash bag and 2 grocery bags full of yarn to donate to charity and let them go to better use. I took 3 passes through my stash and a real look at what I would really have time to knit before I die. I have a lot of yarn.

Oh - I mentioned a FO. Guess you will have to wait until tomorrow to see that.

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Autumn said...

I was hording Heather's yarn there. Before anyone else ran off with what will be my jacket in a couple months.