Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Lacey Lamb A Blocking!

This weekend I blocked the Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb. Now, before it looked like this:

The thing was as long as it was wide. No, really. It was just barely a rectangle. By like an inch. I was sad, I was frustrated. I wanted to cry. But I know lace grows. And I know it always looks like cat yak until you block it.

So, I blocked it.

Wow! What a difference. Here are the details.

Pattern: Lacey Lamb Scarf by Jade Sapphire (let me say here that this is pictured as a wide item more like a shawl than a scarf, hence why I have been referring to it as a Shawl instead.)

Yarn: 1 Ball Jade Sapphire Exotic Fibers Lacey Lamb (approx. 825 yards) in green. Used doubled.

Needle: Denise size 9.

Modifications: The pattern calls for 72 repeats of the 4 row pattern. I was only able to complete 43 with the yarn I had. They probably used a smaller needle for this. Lace is subjective really. You have to figure out how dense you want your fabric. I tend to like to knit lace weight yarn into lace on a size 4, but with this doubled, I went up to a 9 and I am very happy with the outcome of this lace.

Finished size: 39" x 13" (ummm...another 30 pattern repeats and this would have almost doubled in size) - I think the size is great!!

This is a SUPER EASY lace pattern. Very easy to memorize and keep going. And I have to say that I really like it. The yarn is honestly a DREAM to work with. It is super soft and beautiful. If you would like to purchase the pattern or the yarn, contact Charlotte Yarn. Remi will be happy to help you get this started.

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LOL @ Cat Yak! HA!