Monday, July 23, 2007

Pretty in Purple - Handspun Monday

Oh hell, I am running late this Monday - so let's get this going. I had pics all ready and I just slipped actually posting them. WOOHOO!

Last week I promised that I would be working on Love Bones 3 from Poppy Flower Fibers.

This is bobbin one of this lovely domestic wool top. Approx. 2 oz. per bobbin.And Bobbin #2. Plying will happen this weekend.

Now, this is not next, but since we are talking about Poppy Flower Fiber roving - well I wanted to show off my Luxury Fiber Club haul for July. It is 100% Merino and I am in love.

She has a couple spots left open if you want in for the next 2 months at a reduced price. $34!!!! And that includes shipping. And you will still get a month of BFL cause she hasn't done that one yet and it is guaranteed to happen! You can email her if you want in.
Today I started spinning some beautiful roving from my secret pal and I will be posting that next week in time for our big reveal!!!!

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