Monday, July 09, 2007

Yes, I realize there is no title. Blogger won't let me put one in. it should read:

Another Handspun Monday!! (to the tune of Pleasant Valley Sunday)

I joined the Tour de Fleece. This is what I have after Day 3 - This is the Gothic Princess colorway from the Distillery kids. This is a hot pink, black and gray wool and I love it. I will be taking pictures as I go with the Tour. I have big plans for the next couple weeks!!!

My thinking is that by spinning every day for 15 minutes (and that is actual spinning time, not including prep time) then I will get really good by the end of the month. OK - WAY BETTER than I am now.


Virtuous said...

What is up with the coins?

Why do I see those on folks spinning bobbins??

What does it do?

Cindy said...

I'm a new spinner too so don't look too closely at my yarn. There's lots of lumps and bumps. I have a bunch of llama fiber to spin and am trying to get in some practice.

Lady Wyvern said...

Wrong Link there hun
which is some site for a labeling company.